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Cheap Internet options are looking good in San Francisco

The cheapest internet can become a reality in the next two years for all residents of San Francisco. In fact, cheap cable internet is being pushed forward as locals become more involved in Skype, texting, emailing, and more.

San Francisco has always been known as the world’s innovation capital and it is unfortunate that there are still more than 100,000 locals who do not have access to the internet right in their homes.

However, there has been a move to correct this oversight as more and more people become aware of the shortcoming. Right now the scene usually seen in the city are a number of students who have to put up with free WiFi in public libraries along with slow dial-up services for some areas.

Some local shaker and mover have vowed to back a broadband network to connect the whole city. If this comes to pass, for sure cheap internet in San Francisco will become a way of life and become the country’s largest city to have this kind of unique system.

To make this happen, the idea being introduced is to make the internet become a necessary utility service such as electricity and water. This kind of thinking is not new when an agreement between Google Fiber and Kansas City led to internet connections way back in 2011. This type of success is being seen as the model to adopt in San Francisco as well.

There have been a flurry of politicians in the city who have claimed to create an internet system to catapult San Francisco to become one, if not, the technical capital of the USA. So far, it has remained all talk when concrete plans failed to materialize in 2003.

Another attempt was made the following year when negotiations between EarthLink and the city. In this plan, Google was touted to provide the service with EarthLink providing network installation and building. Unfortunately, in 2007, EarthLink backed out of the deal.

On the brighter side, free WiFi services were established to all the public housing projects in the city. This happened in 2010 that extended the service to 32 parks in the city when it was able to purchase and install WiFi equipment brought about from a $600,000 donation from Google.

There’s an ambitious move to add more free WiFi access to the public that could well antagonize top internet service providers especially the ones that have established infrastructure and internet services in the city.

While plans like this are still up in the air, it can be said that cheap internet options are certainly looking up in San Francisco. Living up to the reputation as the “Most Innovative City” cannot be maintained and claimed if the sorry state of the internet connections remains stagnant. The internet has become a way of life for almost everyone with the countless conveniences it offers. Online research, streaming, gaming, sharing, chatting, downloading, uploading, and more are now everyday activities that need not only the fastest connections but the most affordable rates as well.