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Snappy, trusty, and affordable Optimum Internet packages

Optimum Internet deals provide snappy, trusty, and affordable packages to enhance everyone’s digital lifestyle. Optimum Internet packages offer a variety of speed tiers to give better and wider options for every consumer.

Ranked as America’s 8th biggest cable provider, Optimum offers every home in the country the opportunity for the ultimate entertainment and connection. Living life in the fast lane is now easier and convenient with Optimum.

Here are some of the single packages offered by Optimum Internet San Francisco:

Monthly charge of $39.95 for Optimum Online

The Optimum Online plan may be its most basic plan yet, gives fast downstream speeds of 15 Mbps with 5 Mbps upstream speeds. This kind of speed tier quickly gets you to everything you want online from downloading, browsing, streaming, and more. Be safe and stay safe every time you go online with the free security suite from McAfee. Other freebies include Mobile Mail which allows you the ability to check your emails wherever you may be. 5 email accounts are likewise included in the plan as well.

Monthly charge of $44.90 for Optimum Online Ultra 50

Get rapid and unwavering downstream speeds of 50 Mbps with speedy 25 Mbps upstream speeds with the Optimum Online Ultra 50 plan. Enjoy the seamless performance of up to 100 MB as you send extra-large files using your email. Create your own website, even when you’re not tech savvy by using the easy-to-follow Sitebuilder tools.

Monthly charge of $99.90 for Optimum Online Ultra 101

When the goal is the ultimate experience in the fast lane, the agile downstream speeds of 101 Mbps with an equally brisk upstream speed of 35 Mbps is the one to go for. Sending extra-large files up to 100 MB through your email will be at breakneck speeds. Webhosting becomes an instant ability with the user-friendly Sitebuilder tools. The 12 GB hosting space included in the plan is a generous benefit few providers could come up with.

There’s more to be had with Optimum. Give us a call today to find out more before choosing the one you want.